Learn about obstetrics services offered by Dr Jamie Friebe, including:

Pre Conception

  • Counselling with regards to pre-existing high-risk medical issues.
  • Counselling, appropriate investigation and formulation of a management plan with regards to previous poor or unsatisfactory pregnancy outcomes.


  • Booking blood test investigations.
  • Dating ultrasound to confirm accurate due dates.
  • Counselling and organising screening for Down Syndrome and other chromosomal trisomies. (If amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling is required, Dr Friebe will arrange referral to an appropriate service).
  • Screening for gestational diabetes and anaemia in pregnancy.
  • Ultrasound for cervical surveillance in situations high risk for cervical incompetence.
  • Regular check-ups to monitor foetal growth and to watch for pre-eclampsia.
  • Management of pre-existing medical issues in conjunction with nearby medical specialists if appropriate.

Labour and Childbirth

  • Management of spontaneous labour and normal vaginal delivery.
  • Induction of labour as required.
  • Management of multiple pregnancies.
  • Vaginal Birth after Caesarean section.
  • Instrumental deliveries (Vacuum and forceps deliveries).
  • Caesarean section, both elective and emergency.

Post Natal Management

  • Post-natal checks including checks of any stitches etc. required after delivery.
  • Post-natal pap smear if due.
  • Advice and management of any contraception issues postnatally, including insertion of Mirena or Implanon if requested.

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